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Old or used bike can often be a gamble as it is difficult to be sure of the condition of every part. Excessive wear and tear of parts can be both costly and inconvenient. This is why MotoMecha warranty provider to offer our customers comprehensive mechanical and electrical warranty. This is aimed at giving consumers “peace of mind” when it comes to expensive repair bills as the warranty covers parts and labour. Our extended motorcycle warranties are available for both existing or used motorcycles too.

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Warranty provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that you won’t have to pay for costly repairs. Your bike’s performance comes first! We’re here to answer any questions about our motorcycle extended warranty. Our exclusive offer @ Rs.599 and Rs.899 for 250cc above vehicles

Parts Covered
  • Cylinder Head : Cylinder head & Head Cover, Tappet cover, Camshaft & Camshaft holder, Rocker Arm & rocker, Bearing, Rocker arm shaft, Inlet & exhaust Valve, Valve guide.
  • Cam Chain/ Tension : Cam sprocket, Cam chain, Tensioner, Lifter.
  • Cylinder : Cylinder block piston assembly/ Child parts.
  • Oil Pump :Oil pump assembly.
  • Generator : Magneto Assembly, Stator comp.
  • Crankcase :Crankcase LH & RH.
  • Crankshaft/Piston : Crankshaft, Gear primary drive & Roller bearing.
  • Transmission : Mainshaft & Counter shaft, Gear on mainshaft & Countershaft, Set of bearings.
  • Gearshift Drum : Fork, Shaft, Drum, Stopper & Springs.
  • Kick Starter Spindle : Ratchet, Gear kick starter, Pinion & Kick shaft (Spindle)
  • Front Brake : Cylinder sub assembly, cliper sub assembly
  • Others : Fuel cock, Gauge Fuel, CDI unit, Ignition Coil, Rectifier comp. Regulator, Power relay.

Where Can You Get Your Motorcycle Serviced?
Wondering about where you can have your bike serviced or repaired if needed? With a warranty from us, you’re covered at any service made through MotoMecha.

Terms & Conditions

Parts Covered
  • Vehicle, which are used upto 7years old or run less than 70,000kms from the date of first sale are eligible for this warranty product and the vehicle sales invoice shall be the conclusive proof of same.
  • Two wheeler to undergo a certification before issuance of warranty.
  • Two wheeler owned, temporarily or otherwise, by a business formed for the purpose of selling of servicing motor vehicle are excluded.
  • Warranty has no surrender value, no refund of cost is available, and it cannot be cancelled.
  • Service must be completed at the correct times and mileages. The beneficiary must retain all the service invoices and relevant receipts. Failure to service the vehicle in accordance with the recommended service schedule will render the warranty invalid.
  • The mileage quoted in no way guarantees the true distance covered by vehicle and is indicated only as a guide to when servicing is due. Failure to maintain the odometer, mileage recorder in working order or disconnecting it or tampering with it will invalidate warranty.
  • No liability will be accepted for damage caused by neglect, corrosion, intrusion of foreign or deleterious matter, lack of servicing ,overheating ,freezing or abuse by the continued use of vehicle after fault has become evident or for consequential loss on the failure of parts not covered by warranty.
  • No liability will be accepted for any failure due to wear and tear, natural calamity, components incorrect fitted, or faulty or defective at the time of sale, or faulty manufacture/design and alterations/modifications from the manufacture's specification.
  • If it shall be established following the receipt of the claim that the conditions of warranty as laid down have not been fully complied with, then it is hereby expressly liability for that particular claim.
  • All disputes/differences regarding claim settlement, arising for what so ever reason shall be subject to jurisdiction of Delhi courts only.

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MotoMecha Pvt. Ltd., has grown organically and through acquisitions, to become chennai's largest automobile's provider as well as extended warranty. Today we have over 10 years experience and understanding of the market scenario. We are an organization committed to its core value of offering the best quality services. Our team of experts constantly interact with the clients and keep an updated database of their warranty and claims disbursement records. Owing to our financial strength and expertise of the workforce, we always come up with innovative and beneficial programs. We look forward to serve our clients in a more effective and cost efficient manner.

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“Really Motomecha is providing service beyond your expctations.All you need to do is, jus a call, rest of all will be taken care by them. Today i felt driving by bike on the same as my first day after 5 years... Great job team Motomecha!! keep rolling the wheels !!


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“For the second time my bike is absloutly ready nd gud work done by the mechanic totally satisfied with the service done.

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